"A sensationthe dozen-plus member outfit cooks up a scintillating stew of Afrofunk, rumba, salsa, ska and funk.  There's no other band in the area with as funky and wide-reaching a sound.”
—The Washington Post

“Percolating percussion, bursts of brass, and lilting guitars.  Musically adventurous and politically conscious from start to finish.  An epic show.”
—Baltimore Magazine

“The groove is unassailable—the band can execute feverish, acid-laced workouts on a mix of original as well as vintage tunes.  A fearsome live act, it’s hard not to get swept up in its urgent beat.”
—Washington City Paper

"The impressive debut album by this percussive 13-piece outfit from the nation’s capital came out at the end of 2008, but word-of-mouth is just starting to spread.  Chopteeth’s bone-rattling, horn-blasted Afropop with touches of hip-hop may be closer in spirit to Lagos than D.C., but as the band whips through Fela Kuti-inspired grooves on such tracks as Fogo Fogo and Weigh Your Blessings, its place of origin becomes less important, as you’ll be too busy dancing.  Word has it that Chopteeth’s live shows are as sweaty yet tasty as a Texas barbecue in August."
—Fort Worth Star-Telegram

“Chopteeth gives the listener the feel and the fire of the Afrofunk groove.  It’s as if Tower of Power resurrected as Afrofunk.”
—Albuquerque Journal

“Chopteeth crafts its own unique brand of songs that gleefully draw on everything from salsa to soukous to Balkan-style time signatures. Socially conscious and raucous…”
—All About Jazz

"A sonic explosion happening onstage, Chopteeth will magnetize you with their exotic offerings. There are no limitations to what the band can do musically."
       —D.C. Music Download

"A hip-shakin, gotta-party, Afrofunk sensation.  They cook. They dance. The organs are fat. The horn section is beastly. And the protest (”Struggle”) generally takes a backseat to the party (”Upendo”). Their LP is called Afrofunk Big Band. It’s great."
Washington City Paper

“A tight ensemble with locked-up drums and percussion, a storming horn section, relentlessly riffing guitar, bass and keyboards, and vocals that tell it like it is.  It’s a fresh sound that will thrill lovers of classic Afrobeat and open up some new ears as well.”
—World Music Central

“Infectious jazz grooves and a high degree of funkability.  Chopteeth is a gritty, dance-infused, Afrofunk ensemble that is sure to get everyone's feet moving for hours...and hours...and hours!”
—Inside World Music

"Audiences went crazy over their music, a barrage of sound and movement that compels everyone to dance. The energized musicians feed off each other and the audience gyrating on the dance floor."
—The Washington Examiner

“Wonderfully fresh…Chopteeth can lock into a groove and hold it tight, but still give the feeling of freedom.  This is music that makes you want to move.”

"Their live shows have been known to make even the most motionless of concert-watchers flail their limbs and do something that resembles dancing. Only the most determined stoics will be able to resist the grooves conjured up by Chopteeth."
—The Washington Post

“Expert purveyors of ‘70s American funk blended with roiling Yoruba rhythms.  Alongside its battery of horns blaring over streams of percussive rhythms, its musical reach also includes Ghanaian high-life, South African Soweto swing, and vocal harmonies to create an effective batch of pan-African dance grooves.  This groups can keep the groove flowing and going all year long.”
—The Virginian-Pilot

“Funk, Rhumba, Ska: this band will keep you moving...Sheer energy, dynamic beats, and call and response vocals—a powerhouse performance.  Mesmerizing.”
—The Music Center at Strathmore

“Raging guitars and rich, swaggering horns. Propulsive.”
—The Boston Globe

—Seattle Post-Intelligencer

“This multi-piece band, including fantastic horns and percussion, will keep you dancing all night.”
—On Tap

“A musical extravaganza of West African music, American Funk and Afrobeat—an eclectic and upbeat mix.”
Chopteeth afrobeat WashingtonChopteeth afrobeat Washington
Chopteeth afrobeat WashingtonChopteeth afrobeat WashingtonChopteeth afrobeat Washington
Chopteeth afrobeat WashingtonChopteeth afrobeat WashingtonChopteeth afrobeat WashingtonChopteeth afrobeat Washington
Chopteeth afrobeat WashingtonChopteeth afrobeat WashingtonChopteeth afrobeat Washington
Chopteeth afrobeat WashingtonChopteeth afrobeat Washington
Chopteeth afrobeat Washington
Chopteeth afrobeat WashingtonChopteeth afrobeat Washington
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