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Chopteeth Band Member Sites
Fela Kuti and Afrobeat
The Afrobeat Movement Worldwide
African Music Websites
Some Favorite Artists
Friends and Family

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Chopteeth Band Member Sites

Justine Miller's homepage, featuring her dynamic vocal stylings and jazz trumpet virtuosity

Anna Mwalagho's homepage, with more on her poetry, dance, acting and positive message

Website for Elikeh, a collective of roots musicians in the Washington, DC area led by singer/songwriter Serge "Massama" Dogo and including Chopteeth's Michael Shereikis
and David McDavitt

The Junkyard Saints: Brian and Trevor’s other love… from New Orleans

Fela Kuti and Afrobeat

Fela biography and related links from Wikipedia: add your viewpoint!

Fela timeline from The New Museum in New York

THE comprehensive Fela discography

Multimedia project celebrating Fela (& museum exhibit)

A lovely article by Carter Van Pelt

1986 interview with Fela following his release from prison.  Amnesty International led a worldwide campaign to free Fela after the Nigerian military jailed him for political reasons

Narrative by film-maker Dan Dinello- in Lagos (1983) attempting to get Fela's permission to shoot a documentary

An informative magazine article by Jay Babcock

Selected headlines about Fela from the Nigerian press

Red, Hot and Riot: Fela tribute project to raise money for African AIDS relief

Wisdom & philosophical statements in Fela's lyrics.
Compiled by Gaga Ekeh.

More Fela links from The New Museum (New York)

Reflections on Fela's death by filmmaker Dan Dinello, from Shockzine

Interview with Femi Kuti by filmmaker Dan Dinello, from Shockzine, which addresses Femi's music and his childhood with Fela

The Afrobeat Movement Worldwide

Afrobeat Down (Los Angeles)  

Akoya (NYC)  

Albino (Berkeley)

Alkebu-lan  (Lagos)    

Amayo (NYC)  

Antibalas (NYC)   

Aphrodesia (San Francisco)   

Asiko (NYC)

Ayetoro  (London)  

Baltimore Afrobeat Society (Baltimore)  

Belgian Afrobeat Society (Belgium)  

The Boston Afrobeat Society (Boston)

CAbP  (Chicago)

Chopteeth (Washington, DC)

Damisa (Bordeaux)

Dele Sosimi (London)  

Fanga (Montpellier, France)

Femi Kuti & Positive Force (Lagos)   

Femm Nameless (NYC)  

Fulanis (San Francisco)  

Ikwunga, the First Afrobeat Poet (Baltimore)

Jujuba (Portland) - Afrobeat & Juju

Kayode Olajide & the Weavers (Lagos)  

Kokolo (NYC)   

Lagbaja (Lagos)  

Lucky Stars Band (Lagos)  

Massak (Paris)  

Mr. SomethingSomething (Toronto)

Nomo (Detroit)

OJ Ekemode & Nigerian Allstars (Lagos)  

Rhythm Taxi (Berlin)   

Seun Kuti/Egypt 80 (Lagos)  

Sila and the AfroFunk Experience (San Fransisco)

Soulfege (Boston)

The Afromotive (Asheville, NC)

Tony Allen (Paris)    

Ultra Magnus (Toronto)  

Wonderland Orchestra (NYC)  

Wunmi Girl (London)  

Zozo Afrobeat (NYC)

African Music Websites

The AfroFunk Music Forum Blog

Fly Global Music and Culture Africa page

World Music Central

An online Afropop magazine & reference source 

Online Nigerian Pidgin Dictionary (helpful for Fela lyrics)

MASA African Music Festival (Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoir)

Master African Guitarist & Author, Co-Founder

Interactive Ewe Drumming Site

Rare/non-exported African tapes/CD’s/LP’s

African Music CD’s, DVD’s, Books

African Music DVD’s

Songlines World Music Magazine

Quality Authentic West African Drums

Collesalario afrobeat links site from Rome

The Flying Monkeys: blog covering African music, culture and politics

Some Favorite Artists

King Sunny Ade

Youssou N’Dour

Salif Keita

Baba Maal

Orchestra Baobab

Thione Seck & Raam Daan

Sekouba “Bambino” Diabate

Thomas Mapfumo

Habib Koite

Kete Warriors (Osibisa alumni in an Ashanti drum/roots Afro-rock-jazz project)
Gangbé Brass Band (Bénin)

Jabali Afrika (Washington, DC)

Friends and Family

Union Street: Eme Awa and Union Street band---soul, enlightenment, ethnicity and funk

Xoxo, featuring Wendy Lanxner

Amikaeyla’s music and message!

House of Musical Traditions in Takoma Park, MD---supporting music in our community (including a great selection of African instruments!)

Washington Area Music Association---a valuable resource for DC-area musicians and music fans

The U-Liners---roots rock for social change in Washington, DC

Right On Rhythm--The source for DC-area music information

Tunde and Juju Films--the final word in Afrobeat video and music!


American Federation of Musicians Local 1000---supporting musicians and our music

Website dedicated to the memory of Ken Saro-Wiwa, Nigerian human rights and environmental activist hanged by the Nigerian military for his opposition to Shell Oil's environmental destruction of the Niger Delta region:

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